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Lori’s greatest strength is her ability to quickly identify how I need to grow as a leader and to lead me to the same conclusion. In leading me to that conclusion, she helps me answer the basic questions – what, why, and how – so that when I have reached the destination, the steps forward are self-evident. Lori consistently challenges me to take those steps forward, and she holds me accountable to doing so.
In the 3 years that I have worked with Lori, her insight into my areas of strengths and weaknesses has evolved as I have evolved. When we first began working together, it was the basics of learning to lead rather than to manage that I needed to focus on most. As I have strengthened my basic leadership skills, Lori has helped me evolve my leadership as my company has grown and changed. With Lori’s help, I have developed foundational skills in leadership that I can apply throughout my career, and with each step forward that I take, Lori is always pointing me to the step beyond. That continued evolution of the nature of her coaching, the nature of my goals, and our coaching relationship has made my coaching with Lori the most valuable investment that I make in my personal development. I have now begun to apply some of the techniques in leadership development that I have learned from Lori to my executive team to help them grow and develop, as well.
As facilitators, the Leading From Center team has helped me create an agenda and program that goes beyond the tactics of the business. We are able to invest in building a team culture and improving our ability to communicate and collaborate. Building an off-site program that allows the executive team to grow and develop as a unified entity is far more valuable than a day off-site to discuss tactics of the business. With Leading From Center’s help, I am able to get the most out of the time that I pull my team away from the office and make those days some of the most important days of our year.Seth Hallem, CEO at Mobile Helix, Former CEO Coverity, Inc.
Lori is a great trainer and an amazing coach. She worked for my firm, Ridge Training, as a master trainer for 15 years. When she established her own coaching practice, I signed up as a client to learn how to work through some challenging professional and personal issues. Lori has the rare ability to draw on not just her own experience, but also your experience to help clients move forward, get unstuck, develop new skills, and achieve their goals. She is really clear about her values and will help you align your life and work with yours.Jim Bolton, President and Owner, Ridge Associates, Inc.
At Genentech, I've witnessed Lori successfully coach the transformation of engineers, scientists, and operational types - from managers, to directors, to senior staff. Lori blends an astute analysis of personality with her uniquely powerful intuition to help clients navigate tough organizational terrains. Coupled with her warm personality, Lori is a winning partner to my otherwise difficult to please (and often difficult to crack) clients.Wai Poc, Principal in HR for R&D at Genentech
Lori is a trusted colleague who is highly valued and respected by her clients across a range of industries. Over the past 20 years, my professional relationship with Lori has included co-facilitating workshops, joining forces as OD consultants, serving as her manager within a training company years ago, and being hired by Lori to facilitate executive team development for her coaching client’s organization.
Consistent with her practice of Tai Chi, Lori brings both power and grace to her coaching and consulting. She holds others accountable without passing judgment. Her willingness to speak the truth is matched by her compassion, just as her powerful intuition is balanced by pragmatic recognition of her client’s context. She capably prompts clients to develop and employ these same qualities as they assume responsibility for their own growth. She is an exceptional coach with a strong understanding of organizational dynamics and what is required for one to lead a changing organization successfully.Mary Ann Rettig-Zucchi, Owner & Principal Consultant, Jupiter Consulting Group
Lori is an exceptionally effective coach. She approaches coaching with a practical framework built on a foundation of solid training and experience. She is honest, insightful, and courageous enough to ask the tough questions that help clients in their hard work of development and growth. I benefited from her expertise both within my company and personally as she coached me.
As an added resource, Lori has a network of excellent coaches with whom she works – this allows for different subject matter experts to be used in specific circumstances. This approach is very helpful if a company is committed to coaching on several levels/areas within an organization, and Lori manages the entire process.
The field of Coaching is crowded with people who can be a little too self-absorbed and overly impressed with their role. Lori is the exact opposite - she works without an agenda and is quietly and dependably valuable. Above all, her focus and good humor recognize the realities and challenges faced by her clients, and her attention is always on supporting her client and helping to achieve the desired change.Brian Evje, Management Consultant at Slalom Consulting, Former VP HR at Coverity, Inc.
Lori Mazan served as an executive coach for several of the members of my management team at Intellikine. She is direct, insightful and really grasps what each individual and the entire team must do to function effectively and maximize success. Lori helped a couple members of our team really step up their performance - the results were immediate and the progress was sustained. I would absolutely work with Lori Mazan again and give her my highest recommendation.Troy Wilson, Cofounder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Wellspring Biosciences LLC