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Leadership Land Mines



As a leader, have you ever done something that later blows up in your face? It seems innocuous at the time. Then BOOM! Of course, we’ve all done that. Marty Clarke has written a smart book outlining some of these Leadership Land Mines.

I picked up his book this week from my reading pile. (It had been on the pile for a few years). “Leadership Land Mines” by Marty Clarke, turned out to be a winner and I couldn’t put it down. (Yes, I know. I read leadership books like they are bestselling thrillers.) Marty is so accurate in naming the areas where it is tough for leaders to act as leaders and not fall out, wimp out, (or as Marty calls it “punking out”) blank out or otherwise temporarily give up both their leadership abilities and their leadership responsibility.

Although I’m been coaching leaders for years now as well as leading a business, I recognized a couple of landmines I’ve been known to step on myself. I’m guessing no one is immune to setting off a landmine now and then.

Take a look at this book. Be Honest. I think you will recognize yourself in these pages, too. Now you can avoid stepping on these land mines in the future and become a better leader in the process

By the way, this is a completely unsolicited plug for this book. I don’t know the author, have never heard him speak or really even heard of him before reading the book. I just know the truth when I read it!

Thanks Marty!

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