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Get A Coach!

Get in the game and get a executive leadership coach to help you identify your blindspots.

Get in the game and get a executive leadership coach to help you identify your blind spots.

This Inc article by Brian Evje discusses how difficult it is to develop your leadership capacity by yourself. Virtually every high level leader has a coach these days. Not just because it’s a fad but because a neutral, outside view is required to identify the blind spots it is so difficult for us to see ourselves. This same neutral party guides the leader to look beyond actions and reactions to identify the underlying thinking, patterns and habits that are so ingrained we don’t even notice them ourselves. This work can’t be done alone.

Sure, you can read leadership theory. You can listen to how others lead and their advice on leadership. You can take training courses to develop a leadership skill set. But none of these resources help you delve into your own mind and heart to uncover your true motivations, your long held relationship patterns and power dynamics. Or guide you to dig deeply to locate the source of your courage or responsibility.

I used to teach leadership training. The skill sets were great, the class seemly impactful. Yet when I saw those leaders in action, rarely were the skills I taught visible. Leadership training was like a thunderstorm. An abundance of information poured down on the participants but most of it ran off and wasn’t absorbed. It was too much info in too little time and too generalized. Even I was unsatisfied as the teacher.

LFC coaching is just the opposite. It’s like a repeated gentle spring rain. It’s just enough for the flowers to bloom with very little runoff. And as soon as the roots are dying out, another gentle spring rain nourishes the plants again allowing continuous growth and development. Our coaching is just the right amount of info, specific to the current situation. We get down to the root of the problem, offer deep understanding, insight and practical guidance that can be immediately applied to the situation at hand.

This level of depth can’t be found in a book, a theory or a class. It can’t even be found with most coaches who have a prescriptive, behavioral approach much like a training class only more expensive and private.  The coaching we do at LFC gets to the source of behavior, changing the leader down to their roots. This deep work creates permanent change as well as more authentic behavior. Mind, heart and body are aligned developing a leader who has presence, confidence and integrity generating bold action, trusted relationships and compelling inspiration.

These are the leaders that grow businesses, execute beautifully, generate profits and impact the world. So if you’d like to be this kind of leader. Get a coach! We’re available.

If you need more convincing, take a look at this video clip from LFC client Christian Rommel, former CSO, Intellikine, a biotech startup acquired last year in a $310 MM deal.  Or read my other blog posts that give you some insight into your potential and the possibilities of your business:

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