Leadership Development for your Portfolio Companies

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Stop Running An Unseen Risk

You’ve backed a company with a brilliant technologist or scientist at the helm. You think this CEO is capable of growing the company into an excellent investment. Yet you wonder how you can increase the odds that your newly funded CEO can produce the results you think they are capable of producing.

You see, the CEO can code insanely complex algorithms but can’t manage personality conflicts. Can splice together thousands of DNA strands, but can’t string together enough inspiring sentences to motivate the 100 employees hired in the last six months. And while your new leader can spot next year’s gene therapy in a microscope, their strategic vision stops at the end of the current quarter.

You’ve already invested in the leader – and that person is now responsible for your success. You can’t afford the delays or missteps of your  executive’s learning curve – or the cost of finding a replacement if everything goes south.

Practically every executive team in the Fortune 100 has access to leadership development expertise to deliver the returns expected by investors and board members.

You do, too.

Custom Leadership Development For Immediate Use

We provide leadership development tailored to the environment, challenges, and personality of your CEO and management team.

Our job is to help leaders fully embody their roles, keeping them grounded in the big picture – on the long-term strategy and vision – not caught in short-term firefighting or management challenges that can waste time and cause distraction. We help them face the tough truths about themselves, their executive teams, and the company. We teach them interpersonal skills, leadership concepts and how to navigate the ever-present trials of power and politics. We help them move faster with less drama and chaos.

With our coaching, CEO’s have designed winning strategy, delivered growth rates well above target, and led their companies from initial funding through successful exits.

Make us part of your growth strategy.

  • Board Relationships
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer Relationships
  • Handling Founders
  • Hiring Management Team
  • Motivating Employees
  • Navigating Office Politics
  • Settings Vision, Strategy


We use the real-life challenges your CEO’s face today to develop leadership skills that they can use immediately.